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Core Campus Project Two-Week Planner: August 6–19

July 23, 2018

New Academic Building Project

Week of August 6:

  • Firewall patching continues in Robinson B, second floor.
  • Tree removal on north, east and west sides of Robinson A, begins August 8.
  • Hazardous materials abatement in Robinson A, begins August 9.
  • Installation of construction signs and banners.
  • Installation of wayfinding and sidewalk detour signs.

Week of August 13:

  • Firewall patching continues in Robinson B, first floor.
  • Tree removal continues around Robinson A.
  • Hazardous materials abatement continues in Robinson A.

Utility Infrastructure Project

Week of August 6:

  • Complete test pitting for existing utilities that might be in pipe paths.
  • Removal and salvaging of existing site fixtures in Phase 1 areas (north loop next to Thompson Hall, south of the Johnson Center, Patriot Circle near EagleBank Arena).
  • Install temporary lighting in Phase 1 areas.
  • Remove existing curbs and gutters south of Johnson Center.

Week of August 13: 

  • Complete removal of curb, gutter and pavement sections in Phase 1 areas.
  • Begin trenching for chilled water supply and return piping installation in Phase 1 areas.

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