Johnson Center South Plaza Improvement Project – Fairfax Campus


Renovation work began at the Johnson Center South Plaza on Tuesday, March 30, and will continue through April. 

Crews, trucks, and equipment will be staged along Mattaponi River Lane near the plaza/loading dock. Portions of the plaza will be closed to pedestrian traffic, but pathways to and from the Johnson Center and adjacent sidewalks will be maintained and clearly marked. All safety precautions will be in place.

This work is happening concurrently with the Core Campus project on Wilkins Plaza, on the north side of the Johnson Center. 

The South Plaza project will: 

  • Correct numerous pedestrian safety issues. 
  • Increase safety lighting. 
  • Remove invasive trees in poor growing conditions and replace them with native species with proper canopy coverage more suitable to the surrounding environment. 
  • Improve aesthetics. 
  • Upgrade functionality/programming for Student Centers. 

For questions about the South Plaza project, contact Erich Miller, Grounds Program Manager, at 703-993-9698 or