Johnson Center 2nd Flr The Lab Reno

johnson center

4477 Aquia Creek Lane, Fairfax, VA 22030


Project Number: 190653
Original Project Number: 548159 569379 569445 569571
Project Type: Renovation/Improvement
Campus:  Fairfax Campus
Authorization: Board of Visitors
Project Phase: Construction


Total Project Budget: $2,143,000


Start Date:  August 2019
Target Date: June 2021

Description of Project:

Renovate former 2nd floor library space to be The Lab, a space and resources to institutionally support civic and scholarly communication (including writing center) 

Project will build out some new offices as well as small consult rooms where The LAB staff can advise and assist students. Project will include interior renovations and FF&E including furniture technology and branding.

Project Team

University Project Manager:  Jennifer Xu
Planner:  Laura Manno
Unit: Provost/ E&G
Advising A/E: Lord Aeck and Sargent Inc