Project Timeline


FALL 2020

  • Install site fencing and erosion and sediment control measures to begin process of abatement and demolition.
  • Coordination with FDIC for removal of fixtures, plantings and equipment to be salvaged and re-used.
  • Abate hazardous materials from existing original building prior to start of demolition
  • Evaluate proposals received for new building development planned for site after Original Building is demolished early next year.

Spring 2021

  • Begin demolition of Arlington Original Building (former Kann’s Department Store).  This process will start in March and continue through July 2021.  Demolition construction hours: from 6:30am to 3:30pm Monday through Friday. 
  • Install final fencing, finish grade site and hydroseed a grassy slope on the west and south sides of the site.  The center and north ends will have stone base with a small storm water detention feature at the NE corner.  The site will remain in this condition until construction is started on the new building. 
  • Negotiation with selected developer to finalize comprehensive agreement by late Spring 2021.
  • Begin design and documentation of the box culvert re-location to accommodate the new building design.
  • Submit Schematic Design documents to DEB for approval to continue through next phases of design.